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Sidewalk A-Frames

A-Frame Signs or Sidewalk Signs are a excellent way to grab a person's attention.  You can inform your customer with your Sidewalk Sign by displaying information on these small billboards.

A-Frames can be custom and specific to the kind of client you are trying to attract. OPEN HOUSE !,  Price !. Your Image & Logo, You might just put your Logo on the A-Frame with your Phone Number and maybe a website or a list of services. For many Agents this maybe all you need.

Sidewalk signs are a great complimentary sign to the rest of your sign program. But sidewalk signs should be able to stand alone since they might be down the street pointing the customers in the right direction to your Open House or Listing. Make sure your sidewalk sign is nice and clean. Broken a-frames will broadcast to the world that you are not taking care of your signs so how might you take care of your customers? A-frames get beat up. They fall down, sometimes they are heavy and they get dragged from place to place. You want to allow in your sign budget money to have your signs replaced or refurbished from time to time to make sure they are looking sharp.